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Our History

The mighty force which is the Western District Rugby Union Football Club started with humble beginnings when, on the 13th March 1962, the Lyneham Rugby Union Football Club was formed.
The emphasis of the Lyneham Rugby Club was on junior Rugby and teams in all age divisions.  

The first senior Lyneham Rugby team was entered into the ACT competition in reserve grade in 1963 and by 1966 Lyneham was represented in all three senior grades. Success came quickly to the new club with a Reserve Grade premiership in 1965, a Third Grade premiership in 1968 and significantly, the first of many First Grade premierships in 1969.

The opening of the Western District Rugby Club in Jamison on the 10th August 1970 signalled the formal change from Lyneham to Wests. This change in no way diminished the clubs historical affiliation with Lyneham High School and this was reflected in the retention of the Maroon and Blue for the club colours and the rampant Lion emblem.

Through out the 1970’s Western District were a force in ACT Rugby and no day better represents this than Grand Final day 1974. It was on this day the Wests were the first team in ACT (or Australian) history to win all four senior grade premierships.

While the 1980’s did not meet the same level of on field success, rebuilding in the 1990’s ensured that new trophies were always just around the corner. This rebuilding process was ably supported by Wests Juniors who have become one of the largest junior Rugby organisations in Australia.

In the 2000’s Wests continue to sweat, grunt and toil towards greater achievements in an atmosphere of respect, encouragement and professionalism. There is no better example of this than the unprecedented 2005 season in which Wests became the first ACT Rugby club to achieve Grand Final victories in all five senior grades.

As the current players continue to grow the Wests Rugby tradition through their on field feats, it is important that we understand where we have come from and that we all have a role to play in the future of our great club maintaining it’s position as the premier Rugby club in the ACT. 

Many dedicated people have worked tirelessly as coaches and managers, committee and board members, strappers and trainers, social organisers and volunteers. Without these people the club would not be in the strong position it is currently. There is no such thing as too many helpers and all players, ex-players, as well as family, friends and well wishers are encouraged to seek out their nearest committee member and volunteer to give something back to the club.

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