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Wests Rugby Development Fund

Wednesday, 10 January 2020


The Wests Rugby Development Fund has been established to support programs that get more boys and girls into rugby in the Belconnen region. Donations to the project will assist the club in purchasing equipment and running programs including rugby clinics to boost junior numbers for the 2020 season.


Wests Rugby Club have registered with the Australian Sports Foundation so that all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please support the Club and the development of Rugby in the Belconnen region by making a tax deductible donation today!


In partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, the Wests Lions Foundation provides the Club with the ability to access charitable status, allowing it to raise much needed funds through tax deductible donations (Link here).

“The Wests Rugby Foundation is going to give us the funds to continue to strengthen the transition from junior to senior football  by investing in our players development.”

"As a community organisation, this foundation is one of the initiatives we are implementing to embed ourselves deeper into the Belconnen region and strengthen the game of rugby for everyone."

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