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Rigter marks 300 games 

On Saturday 18th May, Chris “Squid” Rigter edged his name among Wests legends such as Tonkin, Moloney, Larkham and Van Arkel when he played his 300th club game as a substitute for 3rd Grade against Hall. 


“I had an idea but couldn't get a confirmation before running on. My focus at the time was the job at hand, we had a bit of work to do to stay in the game” Rigter said. 


Rigter started his journey with Wests as fresh faced teenager in 1993 after a fateful phone call with Wests Life Member, Ken Sutherland. 


“I was 13 and decided I wanted to play rugby because my dad did, I gave my local club Norths a call and they never called back.  After a while I gave up on them calling me back, so I called Wests, they took a message and within five minutes Kenny Sutherland called me back, told me to show up at Kippax the next morning with my boots. We lost 55-0 but I had a great time and here we are,” Rigter reminisced. 


The major milestone for Rigter comes in his 20th season for Wests after making his debut in colts in 1999. When asked what his favourite memory has been with the club, Rigter can’t go past 2005. 


“5 from 5 in ‘05 is the obvious one - what a great day for the club.  It was bittersweet for me as I was injured so I was on the sidelines for the club's greatest day, but it was still a great memory. From 4th Grade coach, Speldo reading a letter from the 1974 4th Grade coach to the team in the shed, getting sunburnt running the water for 4th and 3rds, to the dark storm clouds that came over during 1st grade, and finally of course to Tonksy diving over for the match winner!” Rigter said with a smile. 


Rigter is optimistic with the current squad of players and keen to contribute towards 4th and 3rd Grades’ push to the finals. 

“I love the feeling with the current squad, it has a great attitude and I feel like we are really building to something. Nothing good happens quickly or easily, but we'll get there,” Rigter said. 


When quizzed about potentially hanging up the boots, Rigter was quick to dismiss any talk of that. 

“No immediate plans for retirement - I'm still having fun, I'm fitter than I have been for years and feel like I can still contribute something.” 


Congratulations Squid, a great clubman on and off the field.

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